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Virtual Christmas card template in Craft showing instructions and the first paragraph.

Virtual Christmas card

Create a heartwarming and personalized holiday greeting with our virtual Christmas card template. Effortlessly share a snapshot of your family's year with your friends and family.

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Celebrate the season with our virtual Christmas card template

Our virtual Christmas card template combines the warmth of traditional holiday greetings with the convenience of digital sharing. It includes sections for every aspect of your festive message, making it a rich and engaging experience for your recipients.

What's inside this template?

  • Personalized letter: Write a heartfelt letter to set a warm and inviting tone for your Christmas greetings.
  • Kids' year in review: Share the joys, achievements, and adorable moments of your children's year, bringing your family's experiences to life.
  • Adventures from your travels: Reflect on the memorable trips and vacations your family enjoyed, painting a picture of your adventures for your loved ones.
  • Updates from your home: Provide insights into the significant events or changes in your home life, sharing a piece of your world.
  • Christmas wishes: Conclude with sincere wishes for the holiday season, spreading love and cheer to each reader.

Why create your virtual Christmas card with this template?

  • Revive the Christmas card tradition: This template offers a modern twist to the classic Christmas card, keeping the spirit alive in a digital format.
  • Connect with loved ones: Perfect for sharing your family’s annual updates in a heartfelt way, ensuring no one misses out on your year's highlights.
  • Eco-friendly and convenient: Digital format reduces paper waste and makes it easy to share your message with a broader audience. 
  • Fully customizable with pictures: Tailor each section to suit your family's unique story, complete with your own words and photos.

We crafted this template to make sharing your Christmas cards more personal, engaging, and meaningful. Whether you’re bridging distances or sharing joy, this template helps you articulate and visualize your family’s story and festive wishes in a beautiful and unique format.

How to use this template?

Follow the simple steps to customize each section of the template with your personal stories and photos. Then, share your bespoke virtual Christmas card with friends and family through a share link or email.

Experience the joy of sharing personalized holiday greetings with our virtual Christmas card template.

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