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Securely synced and available across devices


Elevate your productivity to the next level. Capture and store all of your thoughts in one place. On the go, at your desk, or even offline.

Folders and Spaces

Organize your notes in folders. Separate docs and folders by context into spaces.

Tasks and Reminders

Remember everything you need to do. Get push or email alerts for important tasks.

Summarize and translate with AI

Powered by GPT-4o. Integrated into slash commands and more.


Improvise on a large canvas to convey your idea.

Create solo or together

Take notes and co-create docs. Publish it for others to see and comment.

Localized for 9 languages

English, Chinese, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Hungarian, Italian.

“So easy to get organized, and syncing between devices is instantaneous. Customer Service is great too. So many uses: to-do lists, toggle lists, organizing, research, general notetaking, ideas, recipes, saving websites, saving photos from web, etc.”

by BAR112 May 24, 2024 AppStore


Get a native, first-class user experience on every device. Each feature and interaction has been designed to work together with elegance, simplicity and delight.

Images and videos

Drag and drop media where you want without breaking your layout.

Backgrounds and cover images

Apply colors, images, blur effects, resize covers to make your docs stand out.


Create a structured look for your doc.

Style and structure

Add bullet points, toggles, subpages, highlights and more.

“I am very much a visual person and learner. This app really plays to my strengths! In fact I'm finding I am using it more and more as a second brain and my primary notetaking system.”

by The Dude Chicago IL  May 17, 2024 AppStore

Small things make a big difference

Rich exporting
Markdown files, PDF’s, MS Word, emails, images, printing.
Offline mode
Work on planes, trains or whenever there’s no signal.
Slash Commands
Quickly access all features while you type.
Integrated sound and haptic
For a little extra connection between you and the software.
Smart links
Rich previews in different sizes for anything you paste.
Presentation mode
Automatically convert notes into slides.
Code blocks and formulas
When regular words are not enough.
Apple Pencil Support
Add sketch’s, scribble, markup PDF’s.
Craft does not own your data. We will never read or access your private notes.
Focus mode
Immersive writing with less UI.
Keyboard shortcuts
If you know, you know.
Super fast across devices
Use multiple device to get things done.

“This is a thank you message to the developers: you did a tremendous job with creating Craft and even if there are still some caveats, I couldn’t live without it - it has become my professional and personal knowledge centre.”

NoBoysenberry4494 May 18, 2024 Reddit Review

Touch to feel the difference

We believe that form and function go hand-in-hand. That’s why we’ve weaved delight into almost every interaction in Craft.

Drag to resize covers

Hover to preview backgrounds

Pinch to Zoom text

Side swipe to set reminders

Long-press to customize widgets

Drag to move around whiteboards

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