10 ways to speed up your workflow with the slash menu in Craft

Optimize your workflow with the slash menu in Craft. From effortless styling to launching the AI assistant, you can create stunning docs without any interruptions.

Abstract versions of different craft features that you can access using the slash menu like code blocks, images, blocks and text styles

While styling and structuring your docs is crucial to communicating your ideas —  it's not always easy to do without interrupting your workflow. Having to stop and start to add headers, cards, and lists can really slow you down. That's where the slash menu comes in — whether you're writing a school report, a project proposal, or a blog post, you can instantly access almost every feature in Craft, speeding up your workflow, and helping you create without interruptions.

How to access the slash menu?

To access the slash menu hit forward slash on your keyboard, and simply type the name of the feature you're looking for. The menu is intuitive so you don't always have to search for an exact word or feature — for example, if you're looking to insert a file, all you need to do is type i-n-s for insert and click enter.

You can also just select the feature you want from the list that appears when you hit the forward slash key.

When you use the slash menu in a block, many of the options, like changing the color or decoration, will only affect that block. If you select multiple blocks, the changes will affect them all.

To help you speed up your workflow, here are ten ways to make the most of the slash menu in Craft.

1. Turn text into a block

Document in Craft showing a slash menu block feature.
Blocks are a great way to highlight important information in your docs or to organize them into sections. With the slash menu, you can easily turn your paragraphs into blocks by typing “block” into the slash menu at the end of the paragraph.

2. Style existing blocks

Document in Craft showing the slash menu color feature.
If you're already typing in a block, you can use the slash menu to quickly change its color by typing "color". You can also add a decoration like focus by typing "focus".

3. Style your text

Document in Craft showing the slash menu text style feature.Every doc needs clear styling to make it more readable — and the slash menu makes it super easy to style your text as you write. You just need to type the style you're looking for — like “heading”, “subheading”, or “title”— in the slash menu to increase the size of your text accordingly. You can also type “bold” to make your text stand out.

To pick from all eight styling options, simply select the text style option in the drop-down slash menu.

With the slash menu, you can also create a perfectly styled list that stands out against your text. Just type in “list” and pick from different styling options — like a bullet or a numbered list.

4. Turn your text into pages and cards

Document in Craft showing the slash menu turn into page or card feature.If your doc is getting too long, you can improve its readability by turning some sections into cards or pages. Cards help to organize your ideas or thoughts in your doc and keep it well structured, with additional context or info accessible with a single click. To turn a block or group of blocks into a card or page just type / and then "card" or "block".

5. Add the date and time

Document in Craft showing the add the date and time feature in the slash menu.If you need to set a deadline or just remember what day your appointment is on, you can use the slash menu to quickly add a date tag. Just type / and follow it with a date, like 12 September, or  S-e-p-t.  You can also add tags for "yesterday", "today", or "tomorrow", which update accordingly — so if you add a “tomorrow” tag on a given day, it will update to "today" the next day. If you're tracking start and end times for your daily tasks or projects, you can also add the exact time to your doc by typing "time" or "now" into the Slash menu.

6. Insert files and images

Document in Craft showing the block feature in the slash menu.You can add images or external files to your docs with the slash menu by typing "insert" or "image".

And, if you don't have any images ready to use but you still want to make your doc look beautiful — quickly add them from the free stock image site Unsplash. Just type “image from Unsplash”, and you'll see the Unsplash panel pop up where you can search for the kind of image you're looking for.

7. Use a template

Document in Craft showing the insert a template feature in the slash menu.Whether you need to build a report or an itinerary for your next trip —  Craft has a template to help you get started. You can quickly insert it by typing “template” into the slash menu and selecting the one you need from our template gallery. You'll also be able to access your own custom templates from your space in Craft.

8. Launch the AI Assistant

Document in Craft showing the AI assistant feature.Whether you need to summarize something you've already written, or a helping hand to brainstorm new ideas, Craft's built-in AI assistant is here to help. To launch it via the slash menu, type “assistant” or find it on top of the dropdown list.

9. Make a toggle

Document in Craft showing the toggle list feature in the slash menu.One of the ways to increase the readability of your document is by using toggle lists. They let you hide portions of your text in a toggle — this is really useful if you have a long doc and you want to give readers the option of scanning the headline topics or diving in for more context. The quickest way to turn part of your text into a toggle is to type “toggle” in the slash menu at the end of the block of text you want to hide.

10. Add and customize tables

 Document in Craft showing the table feature in the slash menu.

Tables are a great way to organize your content. Whether you're working with numerical data or creating a posting schedule — you can quickly insert a table by typing "table" in the slash menu. You can choose the number of columns and rows from the options on the list — and if you need to customize it — simply select a field in the column or row, hit the slash key, and type “insert” or “delete”.

You can read more Craft tips on the blog or check out our Youtube channel.

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