5 new templates for content creators to help you grow your account

Grow your following with these templates made for content creators. Boost your digital presence, engage your audience, and plan your content effectively.

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At Craft, we know that digital presence is key and content creators don't have it easy. The landscape keeps changing, competition is increasing, and your followers are searching for more relevant and exciting content every day — it's a lot to keep up with!

To help, we're sharing five Craft templates, designed specifically for content creators to help you plan and schedule your content, strategize your growth, and learn about new opportunities. These Craft templates are more than just perfectly structured docs ready to be filled with your data, ideas, and insights; they also teach you how to use proven and well-researched methods to get the most out of your content.

Social media content plan

Social media content plan template in Craft showing information.

At Craft, we create content too, and we understand that in the increasingly competitive digital space, there is more and more need to effectively strategize and plan your content to keep your audience engaged.

We created this social media content plan template to help you get started, whether you’re new to the biz, or simply trying to improve your audience engagement. It covers planning, scheduling, strategizing, brainstorming ideas, and tracking key performance metrics, all in one space.

You can easily share and collaborate on this plan with your co-creators or, if you're working alone, you could try using the built-in AI assistant to help you brainstorm fresh ideas.

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Audience personas for content creators

Audience personas for content creators template in Craft showing instructions.

This exciting template is the one thing you need to transform your content strategy. Audience personas are artificial profiles based on your real-life followers. They capture a full picture of what your audience's motivations and pain points are, what drives them, and what they want to see.

This approach to audience analysis helps grow your understanding of who your followers are, what they look to gain from your content, and how best to reach them — so you can create content that increases your engagement by giving your audience more of what they want to see.

This audience personas for content creators template guides you through the process of creating your personas, building a comprehensive analysis, and creating an action plan.

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UGC portfolio for content creators

Bio, account summary, sample content, and testimonials sections of the UGC Portfolio template in Craft.

There are many exciting opportunities out there for content creators that go beyond growing your own account. This includes using your expertise to create content for a client and help them elevate their brand.

This UGC Portfolio template is essentially a digital portfolio and resume in one, and it is tailored exactly to what a potential client might expect to see. Fill it out with practical information, such as your account's statistics and details of your past collaborations. You can make it your own by using your brand's colours and uploading images or graphs and charts that support your data.

You can maximize the impact of your UGC portfolio using share analytics in Craft. It lets you track how the brands are interacting with your portfolio, such as who viewed it, or which sections they spent the most time on. This way you can adapt and refine your content based on what the brands are most interested in. Find out more about how to make the most of the share analytics insights in this video.

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LinkedIn content marketing

Linkedin content marketing template in Craft. Shows profile overview, and content plan sections.

Content marketing on LinkedIn is a relatively new but already hot topic. If you're looking to promote your business or build your brand, it's definitely a crucial social media platform to explore.

We've built this LinkedIn content marketing template to help creators get started on planning and scheduling content tailored specifically for LinkedIn. Whether you're new to this concept, or you're already posting there every once in a while, take your time to explore this template, learn how to build a content plan, and get scheduling.

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SMART goals for content creators

SMART goals for content creators template in Craft showing sections for 4 goal categories, and accountability&review section.

As a content creator and entrepreneur, you're likely aware that there are proven methods and techniques out there designed to help you strategize better, be more productive, and achieve your goals faster.

But trying to actually implement new solutions into your content workflow can be daunting. We created this template to introduce you to one of these techniques and help you get started setting your own SMART goals. SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

This new template has everything you need to set SMART goals specific to your content, help you boost your visibility, and grow your following. It walks you through how to set your goals in a structured way as well as how to measure success.

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If you're looking for more templates for content creators, check out our full collection. Have you got an idea for a template for content creators? Submit it via this form and we might feature it in the official Craft template gallery!

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