5 templates for students to help you take better notes, keep track of your studies, and stay organized

From organizing your exam notes to planning your meals, these templates can help you make the most of your college experience.

Previews of five Craft templates for students.

Student life can be so full on that it often feels impossible to stay on top of everything — like keeping track of your grades, planning your budget, and having time for your friends. 

To help you keep up with your studies, we've made a list of five free templates, designed with the needs of college students in mind. They are there to help you organize key areas of your student life —  like studying for an exam or planning your meals; or even hosting a great party!

Grade calculator

Grade calculator template in Craft showing instructions, and the semester overview section cards for each of the three classes.It's good to know where you stand on your final grade— but with assignments and test results piling up, it's hard to keep track of it.

This super simple template calculates your final grade for you, and all you need to do is put in the results you've already received. That way you can track your progress and adjust your study schedule to get the grade you're aiming for.

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Class notes template

Class notes template in Craft showing instructions and tips on how to create class notes.With Craft, you can keep all your class notes in one place — just like a notebook. This template is your essential go-to when taking notes during a class, helping you keep them organized, and easy to study from later.

This well-structured doc has a place for your notes, a section to put in useful links to websites, references, or study resources, and a checklist of actions to follow.

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Exam notes template

Exam notes template in Craft showing notes by subject, combined revision notes, and revision schedule sections.Keeping your notes organized is particularly important when studying for an exam. This exam notes template is structured using a system of cards and pages to help you arrange your notes into categories — making sure the key information stands out, and the details are easily accessible.

It also comes with a revision schedule as well as tips and expert advice to make it easy to create a plan that works for the scope of your study material. So you can make sure you have enough time to learn everything you need!

And, this exam notes template is completely customizable. By copying and pasting existing cards you can easily turn your class notes into a perfectly structured exam note. You can also use the slash menu to quickly style your doc. Find out more in this quick tip video.

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Meal planner

Meal planner template in Craft showing instructions, tips on creating a shopping list, and an example of a weekly meal plan.With a busy college schedule, it's easy to give up on home-cooked meals. Shopping can be expensive and it's always hard to stick to a tight student budget. The best way to save money (and still eat well) is to plan your meals and always shop with a list — that's where this meal plan template can be a game changer.

You can plan all your meals in a handy weekly table — and it comes with a shopping list split into food categories, making a trip to the grocery store. There is also an added bonus — in the recipe collection, you will find a handful of exciting, student-friendly recipes.

↗️ Try out the meal planner template.

Party planning template

Party planning template in Craft showing instructions, tips, and invite, games, and to-do sections.When planning a party for your friends, it's good to keep everyone on the same page about when it's happening, and what they should bring with them.

With this party planning template, you can plan your party all in one doc. Start with an invitation card, make a checklist of what your guests need to bring, and share something about the games & activities to get them excited.

Make it yours with cool images and a great background, and be sure to check out Unsplash —  a free stock image resource built right into Craft. Then all that's left is to share your party plan with your friends and enjoy the night.

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