7 templates for HR professionals to help you onboard faster, and better support your team

Build an effective HR strategy and maximize your team's potential with these 7 essential templates. Create a seamless onboarding experience for new hires, and better support your team to help them progress and thrive in your company.


From hiring the right talent to impactful performance reviews — every small detail matters when it comes to building a strong team and creating a positive work environment.

Whether you're onboarding a fresh recruit, sending out job offers, or helping an employee map out their career path, these 7 must-have templates will help you streamline your workflow, execute your HR strategy, and elevate the employee experience. And, because they’re made in Craft, these comprehensive docs can be adapted to meet the unique needs and challenges of your HR team.

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Employee onboarding document


Your latest hires have a lot to navigate when starting their new role, and it's your job to make this process efficient and manageable.

You can use this template to share a complete view of your company with your new hires —  covering everything from company culture and compensation to policies and procedures — ensuring new employees have everything they need to get started. It also helps to quickly grasp all the essentials, allowing them to swiftly become productive members of the team. This doc also features a handy onboarding checklist — making sure that they know exactly what their next steps are.

If your policy documents or an employee directory are in your Craft workspace, you can link them in this template by typing @ document name. This will let your employee quickly access all important information without the need to duplicate information.

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Onboarding checklist

The onboarding checklist template in Craft showing part 1,2, and 3 of the onboarding process.

A successful onboarding process involves multiple stages, each with its own set of challenges. From administrative tasks to training and evaluation — each step is equally important. Missing just a few could impact not only the new hire's onboarding experience but also their long-term job satisfaction and retention.

This template helps you make sure you don't miss anything during your employee's early days. Work through the onboarding process methodically and check the box for each completed task, so you can look back and see what still needs to be done. This way you're sure that your new hires get all the attention and support they need to succeed in your team.

It's a good idea to use a single template for all new employees. A standardized onboarding process ensures that everyone gets a consistent experience, helping you collect better feedback and continue refining your onboarding strategy.

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Job offer document

Job offer template

Presenting a job offer is one of the most important tasks for HR professionals, as clearly outlining what you're offering and what is expected sets the tone for a successful relationship between the company and the employee.

With this template, you can create a job offer that covers all the essentials and resonates with your potential hires. You can easily turn your text into colorful blocks or link relevant documents from your workspace. This way you can make sure important information stands out, and the details are easily accessible.

Using a single template for all your job offers helps you maintain a consistent layout and tone. This not only streamlines the hiring process but also minimizes errors or omissions, which could lead to misunderstandings. Plus, a template ensures that essential legal clauses and company policies are included, acting as a safeguard for both parties involved.

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Employee handbook

Employee handbook template in Craft showing instructions, tips, and the values and employee directory sections.

An employee handbook is arguably the most important doc for every HR representative. It ensures that every employee can quickly find the answers to almost all HR-related questions that you would otherwise need to answer directly. This saves you time while making sure everyone has easy access to all the information they need.

With this template, you can easily build a complete employee handbook that covers all vital information on your company culture, and protocols. By linking all relevant policies from your workspace, team members from all departments can refer to the same document for their queries. And by sharing this document with everyone on the team, you have evidence that they all had access to company policies. This could serve as your first line of defense in a legal dispute.

Whenever you update this doc, all employees can instantly see the new version without the need to share it again. So, as company policies evolve, you can make changes in one centralized document rather than chasing down multiple files or memos.

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Competency framework

Competency template in Craft showing instructions.

Mapping out a competency framework is essential for helping employees understand what knowledge, skills, and qualities they need to succeed in your company. Knowing what's expected eliminates the fog of ambiguity around what's required for their current role, and what they need to learn to progress.

Every team requires a different set of skills, so customize this template to meet your company's needs. You can also provide details on each competency by adding pages to this doc, or linking relevant documents from your workspace.

By sharing this doc and updating it whenever something changes, you can not only make sure that all employees know what's expected of them — but also how they can progress in your company. The clarity and transparency of competencies help make performance reviews more objective and less prone to bias or misunderstandings. Plus, a solid competency framework lets you observe whose performance and growth stand out the most— helping you identify future leaders or those who need more support.

Consider expanding this doc with cards or pages to add definitions and detailed information about each competency, helping everyone understand their role's requirements without the need for too much scrolling.

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Personal development review

Personal development review template in Craft showing tips and instruction.

Your employees are your most valuable assets, and a personal development review template helps you invest in them wisely. Successful employees want to grow, but when they don't see a structured plan laid out for their professional journey, engagement levels can plummet. Letting your employees know where they stand, and what they need to do to improve, leads to increased productivity, and ultimately contributes to your company's profitability and success.

This personal development review template offers a complete and effective approach to performance reviews. It helps you make sure these meetings don't turn into aimless conversations but are instead focused on aligning individual growth with company goals — presenting the employees with a structured path to progressing within the company.

An added benefit of using this template for your PDRs is that you can share it with your team members as a password-protected doc, so they can refer back to what was discussed. This way the information stays confidential, and everyone remains focused and clear on what steps to take before their next review.

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Check-in meeting agenda

Check-in meeting agenda in Craft showing what's on your mind, and intentions for the week sections.

In a dynamic work environment, a year, or even a quarter, can be too long to wait for constructive feedback or a chance to share your thoughts and concerns. So it's useful to hold check-in meetings to make sure all employees know what they're doing right, and where they fall short. It also gives you the opportunity to check how they're feeling and collect useful feedback. These regular touch points contribute to your team's well-being and job satisfaction, which directly affect retention rates.

This meeting agenda template is your complete guide to running effective and time-efficient weekly check-ins. By sharing it with the employees before the meeting, you can make sure that both managers, and employees are clear on what to expect, and how to prepare for it. Having a clearly laid out agenda ensures that nobody's time is wasted, and lets you collect all important insights quickly and accurately.

Using a template helps you keep a clear record of these check-ins, which can prove invaluable for future performance reviews, disciplinary actions, or even legal matters.

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