Announcing: People of Craft, a celebration of inspiration

To celebrate Craft's second birthday - we share inspiring backstories of Craft users around the world

People of Craft

Today is Craft’s second birthday (Happy Birthday to us!). And to celebrate, we wanted to do something special. So we made you a present.

It’s been two years since the first version of Craft was launched. We have worked hard to continually improve the product at a fast rate, listening to our community and delivering updates almost every two weeks. And we’re pleased to say it’s been well worth the effort; we’ve been humbled by the huge, positive response that Craft has had so far, and we're only just getting started.

Winning Mac App Of the Year was amazing for us. We were honored to receive such a prestigious award. But we’re equally proud - perhaps even more so -  of the overwhelming response we have had from you - the people using Craft every day, for work and play.

It’s been fascinating to hear from so many people all over the world, from Vanuatu to Vancouver, New York to New Zealand, using Craft for so many interesting things. You are using Craft in ways we never could have foreseen.

And so to celebrate our birthday, we wanted to share some of these inspiring ‘People of Craft’ backstories, in honor of the people behind them.

So we selected four examples of people doing interesting things, in four different parts of the world. We interviewed them to get their stories, arranged local photographers to capture them in their own environment, asked our design team to create a beautiful layout, and got our engineers to build it all out in a special - People of Craft - section of our website.

As the name suggests, People of Craft is all about the people themselves. We dig into their origin stories, hear the challenges they overcame, and discover what drives them. We hear from:

Doug: a documentary filmmaker who - after a decade - finally found the story he’d been seeking, in a fisherman’s fight against industrial trawling in Scotland. 

Artboard Copy 42.png

Anita: an ex-Apple creative who hit rock bottom with burnout, but is now reviving her life by building a 14-acre retreat in the foothills of California’s Sierra Nevada mountains. 

Artboard Copy 43.png

Sudip: a Nepali healthcare expert in Kathmandu, working to improve the lives of millions in his Himalayan home. 

Artboard Copy 44.png

And Raphael: an LA creative who dropped out of law school to start a branding agency and never looked back. 

Artboard Copy 45.png

There are many more backstories of People of Craft we plan to tell in future. 

We hope you enjoy this special celebration of inspiration as much as we did.

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