Craft's New Assistant and the Future of AI

We believe that AI has now reached the point where it’s more than just a novelty. Here's why we built an AI Assistant inside Craft.

Craft AI Assistant and the future of AI

Craft started from a frustration; the frustration that existing tools were not helping us shape our thoughts effectively. We believe that software should be a “bicycle for the mind”, amplifying the power of the human brain. It should empower us, help us be more creative, and help us map out and better express our thoughts.

To achieve this, great software has to do a great deal; 

It has to stay in the background so we can focus on our thoughts versus fighting against the tool. 

It has to have the capabilities we need, exactly when we need them. 

It has to provide output formats we feel comfortable sharing. 

And it has to be able to embed inside our workflows.

Over the past two years, we’ve been making strong progress in all of these areas at Craft, and will continue to do so relentlessly in the future. Our job here is nowhere near done.

The Evolution of AI

As time goes forward, technology evolves. And with each piece of technology, there is an inflection point. The point when it becomes ready for widespread adoption. With the personal computer, it was the graphical user interface. With smartphones, it was the iPhone that brought the sea change. With the introduction of 3G, suddenly the majority of the world could access the internet.

We believe that GPT-3, one of the most impressive AI systems ever built, which applies machine learning to understand questions and generate human-like text, has now reached the point where it’s more than just a novelty. We believe that it will have a significant, and positive impact, on the way we work, communicate and express ourselves.

Many content-based products that use AI today focus on generating that content: images, blog posts, press releases, even songs and poems. While the quality of these is impressive, we’re less excited about these use cases. We believe in the power of original thoughts, unique ideas, and tools that elevate - rather than replace - human creativity.

Today we’re excited to announce Craft AI Assistant - a different take on how AI can help your workflow, your writing process, and how you distill and find information. Craft Assistant does not write your documents for you - it helps you to elevate your work, gain new insights, and find the information you need, quickly and easily.

Go faster, boost creativity, and optimize information

Craft AI Assistant can help non-native speakers of any language, and ensure the tone of voice is as intended. It can spark ideas when you’re facing writer’s block. It can summarize and extract key points from long documents, or brainstorm new ideas for blogs and suggest headlines.

It can save hours of Google searching by locating information or finding that famous quote you mostly remember, (but not quite). 

It speeds up repetitive and laborious work, so you have more time to focus on your thoughts and ideas - the things that make you unique.

Craft AI Assistant is just our first step when it comes to integrating machine intelligence into Craft. Advancements in technology will soon enable us to massively improve search - moving away from typing keywords to asking questions in human language - and receiving human-like answers back.

Imagine being able to ask your company knowledge base:

“What to do when I’m sick and need a day off?”

Or ask your personal knowledge base:

“What was the name of the hotel I stayed at in Paris?”

Or ask your meeting notes folder:

“When is the deadline for the TPS reports?”

Imagine being able to get any information you need from your Craft space, simply by asking a question in normal, human language.

These solutions will empower us, remove friction from our creative process and allow us to focus on what really matters: creating and sharing ideas, building beautiful, brilliant documents, and enabling us to map out and focus our thoughts, better than ever before.

Try it now, free. 

See what Craft AI Assistant can do for you.

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