Could this be the best code editor in a writing app?

Craft introduces a brand new code editor which makes using code effortless in Craft

Craft Author: Tom Norman
Tom Norman
An example of Syntax Highlighting in Craft's Code Editor

No matter whether you’re learning to code for the first time, or if you write code every day for work, our code editor lets you add code to your documents effortlessly.

Keep track of code that you’ll need to use again, build clear architecture proposals, or showcase your code to your team: Craft lets you do all of the above in a way that's both easy and beautiful.


What can you do with Craft’s Code Editor?

Syntax highlighting

Syntax highlighting lets you scan code quickly to identify syntax and structural errors, find relevant code more quickly, and better understand the syntax of a specific language. It significantly improves comprehension of code, therefore, making it far easier to detect errors, debug and maintain.

Mobile support

Sometimes you’ll want to access your code on the go; our code editor provides a seamless transition from your office computer to your smartphone.

Smartphone showing you can edit code on mobile
Craft's mobile-friendly code editor

Showcase your code

Show off your code with Craft’s signature style: format your documents with distinctive gradients and eye-catching backgrounds.


The Craft code editor supports 30+ languages meaning we’ve got your back no matter which language you code in.

Try it for yourself. Download Craft and give our code editor a try.

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