New: Craft for Windows launched

After three years and thousands of requests, we're excited to announce that Craft is now available for Windows.


Today, after three years, we’ve reached a huge milestone for the entire Craft team and our users; the launch of Craft for Windows.

We're extremely proud of this achievement. It means we're one step closer to fulfilling our goal of enabling everyone to build and share better, more beautiful documents.

Craft is a revolution in the way we write, illustrate and share information and ideas. The addition of a Windows app to the Craft suite, now enables anyone with a computer to use Craft and join the future of document creation.

The new Windows app also empowers entire teams to use the full capabilities Craft; from creating beautiful, engaging and informative documents, to collaborating on projects across the world in real time.

A Brief History Of Craft

Craft started as an idea five years ago. It began as a mobile-only product, focused on iPhone and iPad. After two years of iteration and experimentation we felt we had something pretty special. Something with the potential to make creating, editing and collaborating on documents joyful again for hundreds of millions of people across the globe.

But we knew that in order to reach that goal, Craft had to deliver the best possible experience on every device. Enabling that premium experience everywhere takes a tremendous amount of time, resources and investment.

So, alongside building our iOS app, we started working on our Mac, Web and Windows products. It was an ambitious - and in some ways contrarian - decision, going against best practices. However, we knew we wanted more people to experience Craft, and with our highly experienced team, we were confident we could make it happen.

At Craft we move fast. We release fresh software upgrades, fixes and features almost every fortnight. So with every day of work, we've moved closer to our goal. The feedback and appreciation of our journey both from our users and industry experts (we won a Mac App Of The Year 2021 award) has been extremely gratifying and has kept us highly motivated to deliver even more. Thank you!

With each new platform we introduce, the bar keeps getting pushed higher. Not only do we want to match the expectations of our users, we want to exceed them.

A Window(s app) To The World

Our Windows app is one of the fastest and most highly performing apps out there. Running effortlessly on new and old devices, it brings the power of Craft to a wide range of business and personal users. It works just as well as our iOS and Mac products and blends seamlessly with the Windows ecosystem. It’s distinctively Craft - yet undoubtedly feels designed for Windows from the ground up.

We’ve collectively spent over 10,000 hours ensuring Craft for Windows is just as robust, fast and secure as Craft is on other platforms. And we will spend many more on improving it even further.

During the last couple of months we’ve seen more and more of our team using Craft on Windows as their primary device and they are loving the experience. We still love our Macs, but we’ve learned to love Windows again.

We are extremely excited about this next journey for Craft, and with the additional resources we have received from our recent Series B investment round we’ll be able to ensure each and every platform receives the focus and attention to detail you deserve.

One Million Craft Installs

We'll end this post with news of another major milestone; Craft has now been installed on over one million devices!

Our launch of Craft for Windows will help us reach the next 10 million.

You can see the app in action here or try it out free here

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