Crafting the Future: Empowering Ideas through Collaboration and Creativity

Today we're announcing three big changes for a more creative, innovative, and collaborative future.


Since the very start, our goal has been to empower you to think and write better by building a simple, yet powerful, tool that gets out of the way, and lets you focus on your thoughts, ideas, and creativity.

We believe that sharing high-quality, impactful documents is key to creating an environment that fosters creativity and collaboration, empowering people to bring their ideas to life.

Today we’re thrilled to announce three major improvements to Craft:

1. Elevating the individual: Creativity without constraints

We are reaffirming our commitment to empowering individuals by dramatically opening up our free tier for individual users. From today, the document limit for individuals has been lifted, and we've unlocked every single styling and card type, too. That means you can write, think, brainstorm, and explore as much as you like, without constraints.

2. Unlocking teams: Innovation through better collaboration

We've made changes to Craft which make it easier than ever to collaborate with your team. With just a few clicks, you can now invite an unlimited number of collaborators to your Craft space. We believe that true innovation happens together; when ideas are shared, sculpted, and explored with others.

3. Our commitment to security: SOC 2 Type 2

We're proud to announce that Craft has achieved SOC 2 Type 2 compliance. This certification demonstrates that we have implemented and maintained stringent security controls to safeguard our customers' data and have undergone rigorous third-party auditing to validate the effectiveness of these measures.

Put simply, this empowers you to confidently use Craft knowing that sensitive information is protected and that we're dedicated to providing a secure environment.


Craft shaping the future of work

In a world where remote and asynchronous work are quickly becoming the norm, ideas are no longer confined to offices, cities, or even time zones. The future will drastically unlock the ability to collaborate with the best people for the job no matter where they are on the planet. And as AI models like GPT-4 continue to improve, they will also have a profound impact on how we operate.

As work changes, so must our tools. We see a future where human creativity will become the most important asset of every business, and innovation will need to be at the core of our everyday work. Craft is at the forefront of enabling this creativity. We're creating a platform that helps you think more clearly, collaborate effortlessly, and express yourself more effectively; with the monumental support of AI to propel your work and ideas to new levels.

By removing barriers around collaboration and sharing we're enabling more connected and engaged teams. As these teams share their insights and collaborate with each other, new ideas emerge, and innovation thrives.

To celebrate collaboration and the projects, experiences, and innovation it can bring to life, we’ve just uploaded a fresh new video:


This milestone is just one of many in our ongoing mission to empower creativity and innovation, as we strive to shape the future of remote work and collaboration, unlocking the potential of every individual and team along the way.

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