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Daily planning

Be more productive. Review and prioritize the day's upcoming tasks with this daily planning template.

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About this daily planning template

This daily planning template was created by Craft community member Liana Kerr to help start the day. She says: “I use this template every morning to wake up my brain, review the day's upcoming events and tasks, record a food journal, and decide what to prioritize. It helps me stay focused and productive, and isn't too much of a time commitment.”

What is a daily planning template?

A daily planning template is a tool used for organizing and setting goals for each day. It helps look at the day’s tasks and prioritize them. It can help you stay on track and motivated, as well as reach your goals faster.

It typically includes sections for:

  • Goals - What are the main goals for the day?
  • Priorities - What tasks should be done first?
  • Notes - Any additional notes or reminders.

Liana has expanded her version to also include:

  • Affirmations - a reminder of what you're doing and why
  • Gratitude - a chance to list things you're grateful for
  • Food Journal - to keep track of food intake over time.
    When to use a daily planning template?

The daily planning template is a great tool to use when you need to plan out your day in an organized and efficient way. Most people use it at the start of the day and come back to it throughout the day to add extra notes and details.

There’s also a lot of benefit to planning at the end of the current workday: it enables you to have a clear place to start from when you start working the following day.

Daily planning templates are popular with people who want to manage their time better, make goals, and stay more focused.

How to use a daily planning template

The daily planning template can help you organize your day and stay on track with your goals. Here are some tips on how to use it:

  • Schedule it: Choose a time to update your template every day - you can choose morning or evening depending on your preference. The most important thing is to be consistent and help make it a habit.
  • Be realistic: Life is busy enough as it is. Your daily planning template should help you stay on top of that busyness, not to add more busyness to it. Try to keep your daily planning process short so it can easily be completed in 10 minutes.
  • Follow the prompts: Go through the prompts in the daily planning template and spend a few moments answering each one. You can remove any prompts that don't feel relevant to you and add any that you think might be missing.
  • Choose your favorite color: Liana designed this daily planning template in multiple eye-catching colors and designs which you can find at the bottom of the template. Choose the one that you like the most or use Craft's colored backgrounds and formatting to make it your own.


Our Daily Journal template is also a popular way to start the day in a positive way. Combine your daily planning template with a Weekly Planning habit to get even more out of each week. 

FAQ About the Daily planning Template

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