Employee onboarding template in Craft showing instructions, tips, and the welcome message section.

Employee onboarding

Elevate the new hire experience with this employee onboarding template. Deliver essential company information, detailed guidelines, and supportive resources to your new employees, for a well-rounded introduction to your company.

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Streamline your onboarding process with this comprehensive employee onboarding template that embodies a complete and empathetic approach to onboarding. Make sure that each aspect of the process is comprehensively covered, and help your new hires feel well-acquainted, well-guided, and well-prepared to navigate their new professional journey.

Importance of sharing an employee onboarding document

Employee onboarding documents are essential tools that contribute to employee productivity, engagement, and retention. They cater to a wide audience — including HR professionals, department heads, and new employees — and play a pivotal role in ensuring that the onboarding process is executed with both precision and empathy.

What's in this template? 

Customizable sections: This template is entirely customizable to meet your company's specific needs. 

  •  Welcome message: A heartfelt welcome message serves as a warm introduction, creating a positive initial impression, and establishing a connection between the new employee and the leadership.
  • Company overview: A well-structured overview allows new hires to understand the company's organizational structure, mission, vision, and core values. It fosters a sense of belonging and alignment with your company's objectives and culture.
  • Compensation and benefits: This section contains detailed information about payroll, benefits, and leave policies, allowing new employees to gain a clear understanding of their compensation structure and entitlements.
  • Onboarding checklist: This is a clearly outlined onboarding checklist with a to-do list segmented into pre-arrival, first day, first week, first month, and first 60-90 days. This way new hires have a structured plan for their first few weeks, and months — making their integration process more organized and manageable.
  • Key policies and procedures: Including essential policies ensures that new employees are well-informed about your company's expectations regarding confidentiality, attendance, safety, and security.

Key benefits:

Complete onboarding: The template covers all critical aspects of onboarding, ensuring that your employees receive all necessary information — from company culture to compensation details.

Ensure productivity: By making sure that new hires have immediate access to all necessary information and resources — you allow them to quickly acclimate to their new roles and responsibilities. This lets them quickly become productive members of the team.

Consistent onboarding experience: Using a single format for your onboarding document ensures that every new hire has a consistent onboarding experience. This helps maintain a uniform quality and standard of your onboarding process.

Easily share and collaborate on your onboarding document: Make sure you collaborate on this doc with your team and other departments, to ensure that it meets your company's needs. Once it's done, you can share this document with your new employees in a single click.

Use this template to make your company's onboarding process into a strategic introduction that fosters a productive, engaged, and compliant workforce. Give it a try and elevate your new employee's experience.


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