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Exit interview

Unlock insights from departing employees with our comprehensive exit interview template – a key to enhancing workplace culture and retention.

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When a valued employee decides to move on from your organization, it's essential to understand the reasons behind their decision, their experiences during their tenure, and any areas of improvement they may suggest. Capturing these insights helps organizations foster a better work environment and retain talent in the future.

What is an exit interview?

An exit interview is a structured dialogue between an outgoing employee and the organization. It provides an opportunity to gather feedback, address any issues, and make necessary improvements. Unlike regular performance reviews that evaluate an employee's work, exit interviews delve into their overall experience at the company, including the highs, the lows, and areas for potential growth.

Benefits of using an exit interview template

1. Gather Insightful Feedback: Understand what made employees stay as long as they did and what factors contributed to their decision to leave.  
2. Improve Organizational Culture: By actively addressing concerns, organizations can create a more inclusive and appealing work environment.  
3. Boost Retention: By identifying areas of concern and implementing positive changes, future talent turnover can be reduced.

How to use the exit interview template

This Exit interview template is designed for clarity, ease of use, and comprehensive feedback collection. It can be used as an agenda for an exit interview, or it can be sent directly to the employee and completed as a survey. To make the Exit interview as valuable as possible, the key is ensuring the employee feels safe enough to provide honest answers. 

  • Set the scene: Explain why the exit interview is important and how we really value their feedback in improving the company. 
  • Don't be defensive: It can be difficult if somebody is criticizing or providing feedback on something you're responsible for. Try not to be defensive and seek to correct the departing employee's answers. This is an exercise to collect feedback which will be processed later. 
  • Complete the interview: Work through the exit interview template giving space to ask follow-up questions to learn more where necessary. 
  • Analyze the answers: After the interview's completed, review the answers to see what learnings you can take for the company. Sometimes there might be actionable insights that can be readily implemented. Look for patterns in answers from exiting employees to discover improvements that can be made to the business. 

By adopting this exit interview template into your HR processes, you're not just bidding farewell to a team member; you're taking a proactive step toward the betterment of your organization for current and future employees.

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