Onboarding checklist template in Craft showing instructions, tips, and the first part of the checklist.

Onboarding checklist

Cover every step of the onboarding process with this onboarding checklist template. Improve your strategy and make sure your new hires get all the support they need to succeed.

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Discover the ease of onboarding with our complete onboarding checklist template. Made for simplicity and effectiveness — it helps you navigate each onboarding phase, and ensure nothing is overlooked. Make your onboarding process smooth, thorough, and efficient, allowing your new employees to feel supported and ready to thrive from the start.

The importance of a structured approach to employee onboarding

A structured onboarding approach is crucial for a smooth and effective introduction of new employees to your company. It ensures that every step is covered, and no important details get missed — making the process more organized and manageable. This leads to a smoother transition for new hires, helping them quickly adapt and feel more comfortable in their new environment. A well-organized onboarding process enhances productivity, improves employee satisfaction, and presents the company as well-prepared and professional.

What's in this template

Customizable sections: Customize this template to meet your company's needs.

Part 1: Pre-arrival Preparation: Focused on administrative tasks, check this section to ensure that contracts, documentation, and workstations are prepared for the new employee’s arrival.

Part 2: First Day: Cover this section to provide a warm welcome and comprehensive orientation. Encourage employees' immediate engagement with team members, and make sure they're familiar with company culture and values.

Part 3: First Week: Provide foundation training, hold strategic meetings, and clarify role requirements — building confidence and a sense of purpose in your new employee.

Part 4: First Month: Dedicate this period to continuous support, review, and feedback — helping the new hire quickly adapt to the company culture, and integrate into team dynamics and projects.

Part 5: Evaluation: Evaluation focused on performance assessment and gathering feedback on the onboarding process. This helps you make sure your employee is fully onboarded and lets you make informed decisions in refining your onboarding strategies.

Key benefits

Structured onboarding: This template offers a structured guide to each phase of the onboarding process. This approach ensures that essential steps aren’t missed, helping you create a more effective, and seamless onboarding experience.

Cover everything: This checklist template addresses every important aspect of the onboarding process — from pre-arrival preparations to evaluations. This comprehensive approach helps new employees feel well-supported and adequately informed throughout their initial stages in your company.

Collaborate with heads of departments for effective onboarding: Using this checklist for your employee onboarding provides a complete onboarding experience by involving both the HR representative and the department head in the process. This way your new hires get the attention and support they need to succeed in your company.

Increase employee satisfaction and retention: A well-executed onboarding process, guided by a comprehensive checklist, contributes significantly to employee satisfaction. This helps ensure that new hires feel valued and supported, impacting their overall job satisfaction and increasing the likelihood of long-term retention.

Try this template for a comprehensive and methodical approach to executing your onboarding strategy. Make sure that your new employees feel welcomed and looked after – giving them the best chance of success in the company.

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