Online one-on-one meeting agenda template in Craft showing instructions, opening, followed by main discussion points.

Online one-on-one meeting agenda

Enhance remote team connections with our online one-on-one meeting agenda template. Streamline discussions, set goals, and foster real growth and understanding!

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What is an online one-on-one meeting?

An online one-on-one meeting is a focused conversation between two people—usually a manager and an employee—conducted over a digital platform. The purpose can vary but often centers around performance reviews, project updates, or other specialized discussions. Think of it as a virtual coffee chat, where you can address issues, share feedback, and map out future steps.

What's in this template: 

Review of last meeting's action items: A brief review to discuss what was promised and what got done.

Main discussion points: The heart of your meeting, limited to 2-3 focused topics.

Feedback and insights: A segment for sharing reflections and learnings.

Goals and action items for next meeting: A time to set clear objectives and responsibilities for the future.

Make an impact: 

One-on-one meetings are more than just routine check-ins; they offer a space for real, meaningful dialogue between a manager and an employee. These meetings not only create a two-way channel for open communication but also play a critical role in team and project growth. The key to maximizing this impact? A well-thought-out agenda. With our template, you can address key issues, celebrate small wins, and plan future goals, all in a focused and efficient manner.

What sets our template apart is its collaborative nature. Thanks to Craft's document features, both the manager and employee can contribute to the agenda remotely and asynchronously, making the conversation truly mutual. This adaptability is especially beneficial in an online setting, where both parties can have the document open and edit it in real-time during the meeting.

This template provides a structured, yet flexible roadmap for your conversation, keeping it targeted and comprehensive. It helps you balance immediate needs with long-term strategies. So, whether you're troubleshooting challenges, celebrating progress, or sharing insights, you won't miss anything important. Ultimately, it keeps you and your team members aligned, motivated, and heard.

Don't forget to accelerate project momentum with meeting notes using this online one-on-one meeting notes template that helps clearly define responsibilities.

Get started

A good online one-on-one meeting is not just about ticking off agenda points; it's about building a conversation that fosters real growth and understanding. Use this template and experience a more streamlined, impactful way to connect with your remote employees.

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