Online one-on-one meeting notes in Craft showing instructions to use the template and the “Review of last meeting’s action items” section.

Online one-on-one meeting notes

Optimize online one-on-one meetings with this notes template. Build collaboration, capture key insights, and enhance productivity.

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What is an online one-on-one meeting?

An online one-on-one meeting is a focused digital space where team members and managers discuss goals, track progress, and plan ahead. It's a valuable practice for enhancing collaboration and productivity. Taking notes during these meetings is essential for capturing key insights and action items effectively.

Prepare for an effective and impactful meeting with this online one-on-one meeting agenda template.

Tips for writing good online one-on-one meeting notes

  • Build a safe and open space: In virtual one-on-one meetings, creating a safe and open space is essential for productive and meaningful discussions. When working remotely, it's important to foster an environment where team members feel comfortable sharing thoughts and concerns. Encourage open communication, active listening, and empathetic responses. By building this safe and open space, you can enhance trust and collaboration in your online interactions.
  • Prepare your online environment: Before the meeting, ensure you have a quiet and distraction-free place to hold the online discussion. A reliable internet connection and functional video conferencing tools are essential. Also, have your Craft one-on-one note-taking template ready for effortless note-taking and organization during the meeting.
  • Understand the meeting’s purpose: Ensure that both the manager and team member are aligned on key goals such as building rapport, offering and receiving feedback, and discussing career progression. This not only paves the way for more focused conversations but also ensures that everyone is working towards the same outcomes.
  • Engage actively: Active engagement is important for a successful online one-on-one meeting. Encourage open dialogue between team members and managers, creating an environment where thoughts and ideas can flow freely. Asking thought-provoking questions can stimulate meaningful conversations, and actively listening to participants ensures that their input is valued.
  • Summarize key points and set clear action items: After each discussion point, summarize the main takeaways, and clearly define action items with responsible parties and deadlines. This ensures that your notes are concise and actionable, and it establishes accountability and follow-up between meetings.

What's in this template?

  • Review of last meeting’s action items: This section helps you track progress by addressing developments and obstacles since the previous meeting, ensuring accountability for action items.
  • Main discussion points (limit to 2-3 topics for focus): In this section, engage in detailed discussions of key topics, offering context and addressing queries, while maintaining a focused agenda.
  • Feedback and insights from the week: Discuss any new insights or learnings from the past week, fostering continuous improvement and knowledge sharing.
  • Goals and action items for the next meeting: Establish clear objectives and tasks to be accomplished before the upcoming meeting, enhancing forward planning and productivity.

Use this template to streamline your online one-on-one meetings. It's a simple yet effective tool to keep your discussions organized and productive, helping your team achieve its goals efficiently.

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