SMART goals template in Craft showing instructions and making your goals SMART sections.


Streamline your goal-setting process with a SMART Goals template - designed for clarity, accountability, and collaborative success.

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SMART Goals is a simple yet widely known framework for setting high-quality and achievable goals. We've built a SMART Goals template using Craft to give you a headstart the next time you complete this powerful exercise. 

What is a SMART Goals template?

Our SMART Goals template leverages the power of SMART goals - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound objectives. It introduces you to the key concepts of SMART goals and includes questions and examples to help you with your own goal-setting.

When to use a SMART Goals template

A SMART Goals template should be used whenever you are setting new objectives — whether they're for individual professional development or team-wide project milestones. The structure it provides is instrumental in ensuring goals are realistic, achievable, and directly aligned with wider company objectives or personal career paths. It's especially useful during strategic planning sessions, performance reviews, project management, and personal development planning.

What's in this Template

  • Making your goals SMART: This section contains questions to help you better understand, and refine your goals to fit the SMART criteria..
  • Goal setting: A space for setting up, and managing your goals. Each goal section lets you choose measurable metrics, set an action plan, track your progress with a checklist, and detail expected challenges and solutions.
  • SMART Verification: SMART verification tables help you verify each goal against the SMART criteria.
  • Accountability & review: This section contains a framework for regular review of your progress, including weekly and monthly check-ins, and a metrics review. It comes in a structured format that helps you track your progress, identify challenges, and adjust goals as needed.What's in this Template


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FAQ About the SMART Goals Template

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