Wireframe meeting agenda template in Craft showing instructions, welcome, establish the project scope, and wireframe presentation sections.

Wireframe meeting agenda

Transform your web and app design process with effective wireframe meetings. This meeting agenda templates helps you make sure every step is covered, and your team is set for a productive meeting.

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When you’re creating a website or an app with your team, the wireframe meeting is a crucial step before moving to the design phase. From discussing user flows, and presenting existing wireframes, to brainstorming ideas for the final design — this meeting agenda provides a seamless guide to running a great wireframe meeting.

What's in this template

Structured meeting flow: This agenda template is expertly structured to make sure all essential items are covered in the right order. From establishing project scope to summarizing action items — it helps you keep your meeting organized and on track.

Establishing the project scope: Clearly state the purpose of the wireframe meeting and what you aim to achieve with the design.

Wireframe presentation: Share the wireframes with the team, explaining their purpose and functionality when needed.

Gather feedback: Open the floor for feedback and discussion to collect valuable insights from your team.

Set an action plan: Clearly define action items to make sure your team knows what the next steps are.

Customizable sections: Explore the flexibility of this template by customizing each section to suit your meeting needs. Use it as a guide — but make sure to tailor your agenda to your project's specific requirements.

Manage the time with allocated time slots: The items on this wireframe meeting agenda already have a recommended amount of time allocated to them. Using it as a guide, you'll be sure to set the right amount of time for each agenda item, so that your meeting doesn't run too long and remains productive.

Make an impact:

Cover all the key items: This template helps you cover all the important topics during your meeting, ensuring your team is fully aligned and ready to move forward.

Plan your project effectively: Running an effective wireframe meeting saves valuable time on the project, as it lets you gather early feedback before committing to a high-fidelity design.

Collaborate better: Wireframing should be a collaborative activity — as getting insights and feedback from everyone involved helps move the project forward, and achieve the best results. While collaborative sessions can be chaotic, this wireframe meeting agenda template makes sure your meetings have the right structure, helping you get the most out of them.

Easily sharable: Share this agenda with the team in just two clicks — making sure everyone comes to the meeting prepared.

Don't risk losing important insights from your wireframe meeting — document the outcomes with our wireframe meeting notes template. 

Experience the benefits of running wireframe meetings for yourself. This wireframe meeting agenda template helps you save time, collaborate, and drive your project. Try it out and elevate your web design process.

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