Wireframe meeting notes template in Craft showing instructions, and the meeting goals template with advice.

Wireframe meeting notes

Elevate your wireframe meetings with this meeting notes template, designed to better document and collaborate on the web and app design projects.

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What is a wireframe meeting?

A wireframe meeting is a gathering where project stakeholders, designers, and team members come together to review and discuss wireframes for a website or an app. During these meetings, participants examine existing wireframes to ensure that they align with project objectives, user needs, and design goals. The primary purpose of this kind of meeting is to gather feedback, clarify design intentions, and make informed decisions before proceeding to the actual design and development phases. These meetings play a crucial role in streamlining the design process, and ensuring that the final product meets user and business requirements.

Tips for writing good wireframe meeting notes:

Be clear and concise: In the dynamic environment of wireframe meetings, clarity is king. Aim to document notes that are straightforward, focusing on essential points, feedback, and subsequent actions. Avoid cluttering your notes with unnecessary technicalities or jargon that might make the content less accessible. That helps ensure that team members can quickly grasp the key takeaways and action points, allowing for a streamlined workflow post-meeting.

Structure the notes: Structuring your notes is a pathway to effective communication. Organize information under clear sections such as meeting goals, wireframes presented, feedback, and action items. A well-structured note improves readability and allows team members to effortlessly locate specific information or references. That way you can make sure your notes remain a useful tool for review and future planning.

Include important details: Detailed notes enhance the richness of the content and serve as a comprehensive reference. Ensure that your notes encapsulate specific feedback, reservations, and suggestions linked to each wireframe, and show who contributed each piece of feedback. By including such nuances, the notes will serve as a great repository of the meeting's outcomes, enabling team members to gain a fuller understanding of the discussions and decisions.

Actionable items: Transform feedback and discussions into a roadmap of actionable items. Clearly sketch out the tasks to be undertaken, assign responsibilities, and set deadlines. This approach transforms the notes from a passive record of the meeting into an active guide that directs the team's efforts and keeps the project on course.

Follow-up: The use of meeting notes extends beyond the meeting room. Distribute the notes to all participants, encouraging them to review the feedback or seek clarifications. This iterative review process makes sure your notes are accurate, helps avoid misunderstandings, and ensures a shared understanding among team members.

What's in this template?

Customizable sections: This wireframe meeting notes template is made of fully customizable sections — letting you tailor it to your specific project requirements.

  • Meeting goals: Summarize the main objectives of the wireframe meeting.
  • Wireframes presented: List the wireframes discussed during the meeting and their purposes.
  • Feedback and discussion: Document feedback, concerns, and suggestions for each wireframe.
  • Action items: List action items, responsibilities, and deadlines assigned during the meeting.

Useful tips and advice: This template includes expert tips and examples — helping you take the most effective wireframe meeting notes.

Make an impact

This meeting notes template is fully aligned with our wireframe meeting agenda template. Together, they provide a comprehensive outline of how to run, and document, an effective wireframe meeting.

Streamline the preparations for your next wireframe meeting with this wireframe meeting notes template. Customize it according to your team's needs, share the completed notes with all participants, and take your wireframe meetings to the next level.

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