1 million installs | Craft for Windows | Series B raise: Autumn ‘22 Update

We take a look at how far Craft has already come, and what the future holds


The last 12 months have been quite the ride for Craft. In this update we're sharing what we've delivered over the last year, some exciting news for our business, and where we're planning to take Craft in future.

The story of 2022 (so far) in numbers

  • 1 million+ Craft installs reached
  • 5 million+ people viewed shared Craft docs
  • 500+ new features/upgrades/improvements delivered
  • 50+ free templates added

New features & improvements

We are extremely grateful to the Craft community for all the feedback you give us, which helps us continually improve Craft. So a big thanks to everyone who sends us comments, reviews the product, or shares their ideas. We read it all - so please, keep it coming!

Based on this feedback, and our vision for Craft, here are some of the highlights we have delivered over the last 12 months:

  • Over 50 new templates for personal and business use
  • Commenting functionality
  • Craft for Web launched
  • Improved media handling (images, sketching, files)
  • Enhanced performance - we made Craft run more efficiently, using less memory and less power → longer battery life
  • Improved backlinks
  • Enhanced search and easier access to navigation (especially on iPhone)
  • Notifications for commenting and mentions
  • Team management functionality
  • Document sharing capabilities
  • Search engine indexing
  • Password protected share pages
  • Enabled Google sign-in
  • Page-level spell check
  • Focus mode
  • Daily Notes and task updates
  • Multi-account support
  • Background customizations for documents
  • Custom subdomains
  • New and improved Craft Community launched (join over 1000 Craft users sharing and helping each other)

News: Craft for Windows launches

Ever since winning Mac App of the Year last December, thousands of people have asked us for a Windows version of Craft. Earlier this year we launched a web version, enabling Windows and Mac owners to use Craft on their browsers - which has been a huge success and became an instrumental part of the workflow for individuals and businesses using Craft. We wanted to enhance our Windows offering even further by building a specific Windows app.

So, we're delighted to announce that we have just launched our Craft Windows app. Craft is now available on iOS, Mac, Web and Windows - and all platforms provide the same easy to use and powerful experience.

Want to try it out? Download Craft for Windows here

Read more about why we launched Craft for Windows here

News: Craft receives $12.2M Series B Investment

We're delighted to announce that we have secured $12.2 million in a series B round led by EBRD Venture Capital, with further participation from earlier backers, Creandum and InReach Ventures.

This is fantastic news for Craft and Craft users; it gives the company stability and enables us to continue to build high quality software, expand our team, and deliver even more great features.

Why did we go for investment?

Our growth and user engagement has been amazing ever since launching Craft two years ago. The new funding will allow us to keep aggressively improving and growing Craft for iOS, Mac, Windows and browser, at an even faster pace.

It also enables us to expand our Craft for business offering. We are continually asked for tools and features that will empower businesses to better use Craft for work. The new funding puts us in a great position to deliver a cross-platform, business grade experience for our customers.

Read more about Craft’s $12m Series B raise here

What's next for Craft?

Delivering an exceptional product for all our platforms, remains our number one focus. We're very proud that our customers continue to gush about Craft, recommend our product, and rate it so highly.

We plan to keep up that same high level of quality which got us here and we’ll apply this to each and every platform we support. Since our last update, we’ve been continually improving the overall authoring and sharing experience. We’ve made significant improvements to how our users can share content - from improved visual capabilities to advanced security options.

As we’ve grown, Craft has become the go-to tool for many complex use cases and organizations; we’ve learnt a great deal from our own experiences as well as our customers. Understanding the complexity of larger teams is helping us to simplify the Craft experience for everyone.

We’ll continue to improve on how users can create, share and collaborate on content, whether you’re using Craft for personal notes or as part of a Fortune 500 company.

Our busy Craft community has been, and continues to be, a massive source of inspiration for us. With so many insights, we’re building tools to assist our customers' workflows and ensure that Craft never gets in the way, but is always there when you need it.

Final thanks

We wanted to again thank all our customers who continue to use Craft. Our growth journey so far has already gone beyond what we had hoped 12 months ago, and we've been humbled by the huge amount of positive feedback we continue to receive.

We're committed to bringing the future of documents to you - and making Craft available to as many people, on as many platforms, as possible.

And we intend to do just that.

Happy Crafting

Interested?