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The vast power of advanced AI, now inside Craft. Go faster, catapult your creativity, and optimize information in seconds. Productivity, elevated.

Published : November 28, 2022

Author : Sam Baldwin

It’s here: Craft AI Assistant

The vast power of advanced AI, now inside Craft. 

Go faster, catapult your creativity, and optimize information in seconds. 

Productivity, elevated.


Try it now. Free

Create without constraint: write better, faster.

→ Beat writer’s block - generate ideas for content and get going in seconds

→ Write faster; pen press releases, article outlines, emails, product descriptions (and more) with just a prompt

→ Get content keywords quickly & use them for social #hashtags


Distill your documents: summarize in seconds

→ Generate short summaries of long docs in double-quick time

→ Capture key points from notes

→ Re-write complex reports in simple language


Effortless editing: eliminate errors

→ Fix spelling and grammar in one click

→ Re-write content in any style; go formal or familiar 

→ Translate to any language


Instant answers: find information immediately 

Ask for information in your documents; get immediate answers

→ "What is Tom working on this week?” 

→ "When are Sarah's vacation dates?" 

→ "Who is writing the TPS reports?” 


Craft AI Assistant FAQ

What is Craft AI Assistant?

Craft AI is an assistant that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help you write faster, generate ideas, proofread your work, translate text into any language, summarize documents, and find information contained within your Craft space documents, in seconds.

Why did you add an AI Assistant to Craft?

Craft was built to help people better collect, present, collate, store and share information. Adding GPT-3 based AI elevates the value of Craft, increasing productivity. Read what the founder of Craft has to say about Craft Assistant and how AI will shape the future of productivity.

What platforms is Craft AI Assistant available for?

Right now, Craft AI Assistant is available on all Apple apps: Mac app, iOS, and iPadOS apps.

When can I use Craft AI Assistant?

Now! Craft AI Assistant is already in the product. Download Craft for free now to play with it.

How much does Craft AI Assistant cost?

Craft AI Assistant is free to use for all users, with the following limits for each subscription tier:

Starter plan: 50 requests per 30 days

Personal pro: 250 requests per 30 days

Business plan: 1000 requests per 30 days

Enterprise plan: contact us

A ‘request’ is one ‘use’ of the assistant.

What can Craft AI do for me?

Craft AI Assistant can help you write faster, generate ideas, proofread your work, translate text into any language, summarize documents in seconds, get answers about information contained in your docs, and more. Download Craft for free to play with it now.

What powers Craft AI Assistant?

Craft AI Assistant utilizes GPT-3, (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) an autoregressive language model built by a company called OpenAI, that uses deep learning to understand questions and produce human-like answers and text.

How do I get started with Craft AI Assistant?

Download Craft for free and start playing; select blocks and press cmd+enter, or on iOS, select ‘Assistant’ in the options at the bottom.

What languages does Craft AI Assistant support?

Craft AI Assistant supports all major languages.

How is my data used by the Craft AI Assistant?

Find full details of our data policies can be found here: Craft AI Assistant Terms.


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