Craft for Students: from class notes to party planning

Craft is helping students around the world to learn, write, plan (and throw great parties!). See how you can use Craft to get ahead in your studies and student life.


Craft for Students: from class notes to party planning

One of the many groups of Craft customers we've seen emerge, is students. In this post, we explore the ways students are using Craft to help run their studies and social lives. See our Craft for Students templates.

Capturing, distilling and organizing lecture notes

Using Craft to capture class or lecture notes is one of the most popular ways students are using our tool. Craft offers simple yet powerful functionality - for example, the 'notes within notes' feature - and attractive appearance. Students are empowered to capture information during lectures and input it straight into a doc. It's simple to organize notes after class, so they're easy to find and refer to, later.

Brandon Shi is a Business and Media student at New York University, in the US. In addition to his studies, Brandon also creates video content. He reveals how he discovered Craft and now uses it for his studies, side projects and pretty much everything else!


Brandon Shi, student and content creator

I heard about Craft during my junior year from my roommate who's really into technology and productivity. I was using Notion at the time, but within a week or two of trying Craft, I made the switch.

I'm very picky about my productivity software. I had been using Notion for four or five years. But there was just something that Craft was doing right.

Now I love 'to Craft' and use it every day. It's my central hub for organizing my entire life. I'm even using it right now to take notes!

Brandon loves using Craft to take notes during class, which helps him capture and remember important information.

During the school semester, I take all my notes for every single class in Craft, and this is why I love it so much! I can organize all my classes into folders, for example: advertising, digital marketing, interaction, internet design, social entrepreneurship etc.

I also add all details on homework, assignments, keywords, links etc. And I categorize everything so I can find things instantly.


How Brandon uses Craft for his class notes

Brandon is a productivity enthusiast and one of his favorite other uses of Craft is the 'to-do list' calendar.

Every single day I create a 'to do' list. And this is really interesting because every single day I have the history of what I've done and I can track my progress and therefore my productivity.

For example, I can look back two, three days, and see that I did this and I did that, but I didn't get round to this, and I didn't get that other task done.

Planning and executing side projects

On top of his studies, Brandon also creates content for his various social channels, including TikTok (@Brandon.shi) Instagram (@Brandonshi-) and YouTube (BrandonShi). He uses Craft to plan and organize this part of his life, too.

I use Craft for all my client work as well as my personal work. This summer, I have lots of creative work to do and I use Craft to plan out all the videos I have to get done, and to keep track of what I have already done.


Brandon uses Craft to plan out his content creation work

When Brandon is collaborating on a project, he uses Craft's share to web function to get feedback.

When I am planning a video, I share a link to my ideas doc with my editor, so we can develop the plan further and I get can input.


Craft's 'Share via Web' function enables you to share docs and collaborate on projects

Moving in and out of student accommodation

It's clear Craft is a great tool for studying, and it's also the ideal companion for daily life. Going to college typically means living independently for the first time and this is a huge part of the student experience. You are fending for yourself, living with other students and suddenly have an incredible amount of freedom.

It's a very exciting experience that can also be a little daunting for some people. Moving home is a big change and there's a lot to prepare for and plenty to keep track of.

Which is why so many students use Craft to help them with the moving process.

The Accommodation Search

When you're searching for accommodation, be it a student dorm, an apartment or perhaps a shared house, it helps to do your research and take notes. That's why students are using Craft to create accommodation shortlists of their potential rooms, dorms or apartments - all with detailed notes.

CRAFT TIP: at the very start of your accommodation search, think about what's important to you and create two lists: 'must have' and 'nice to have'. This will make it easier to find and select the right student dorm, apartment or house for you.


Moving Out To-Do Lists

Once you've found the right student accommodation for you, there's still loads to organize before you move in - and of course, move out from your old home. Using Craft's 'to-do' and 'toggle list' features helps you make lists of all those tasks and enables you to keep track of what you've done and what's still left to do. For example:


Party planning and creating invitations

Becoming a student involves meeting new people, making friends and building new social circles. Of course, students are famed for socializing. Use Craft to help you plan and host the perfect party. Also, you can create beautiful invites with Craft!

Whether it's a last-minute house party, an end of semester ball or the sport team's annual dinner, Craft for Students helps you organize your event and to create eye-catching invitations which you can share online easily, via a link.


Join the Craft Student Community

If you're a student looking to share your ideas, or if you seek inspiration from how other people use Craft for their studies and social lives, you can join the Craft community and get involved!

See our full range of templates for students in the Craft template gallery.

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