Sprint review meeting agenda template in Craft

Sprint review meeting agenda

Elevate your agile process with our sprint review meeting agenda template – a roadmap to insightful reflections and better sprint outcomes.

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When you're wrapping up an agile sprint, it's essential to have a structured process in place to review and reflect upon the work done. Whether you're new to the agile approach or a seasoned professional, making sure the sprint review is productive can set the tone for subsequent sprints.

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What is a sprint review meeting?

At the end of each sprint, teams gather for a sprint review meeting to evaluate the accomplishments and any unfinished tasks. It's a chance to showcase the completed work, discuss challenges faced, and more importantly, to get aligned on what to prioritize next. Unlike daily stand-ups or retrospectives, Sprint Review Meetings take a holistic view of the sprint and set the stage for the next cycle.

They differ slightly from Sprint Retrospectives which focus more on the performance of the team rather than the output of the sprint. 

When to use the sprint review meeting agenda

The agile framework thrives on feedback and adaptability. A Sprint Review Meeting is the perfect place to gather insights from both the development team and stakeholders. If you want to ensure that the team is aligned, the product backlog is prioritized, and everyone leaves the meeting with a clear understanding of what's next, then this template is for you.

How to use the Sprint Review Meeting Agenda

Our Sprint Review Meeting Agenda template provides a comprehensive structure for organizing your next sprint review. Go through each section of the template and use it to guide your next sprint review:

  • Kick off the meeting by reviewing the goals of the spring and noting the completion status.
  • Move on to team reflections, where challenges and accomplishments are discussed.
  • Next, it's time to present live demos of the work done to garner real-time feedback.
  • Engage in active backlog review and refinement sessions to prioritize future work.
  • Wrap up by capturing insights about market shifts, reviewing operational elements, and gathering final takeaways.
    By following this agenda, your Sprint Review Meeting will be a productive session of reflection, learning, and alignment, ensuring that your next sprint is even more successful.

Make sure you capture all essential insights from your sprint review meeting with this sprint review meeting notes template.

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