Craft those Travel Plans this Summer!

From dreaming of far-flung places, to organizing every detail of your trip. From capturing stunning holiday spectacles, to keeping your nearest and dearest up to date, Craft really is tremendous for travel!


Craft those Travel Plans this Summer!

From dreaming of far-flung places, to organizing every detail of your trip. From capturing stunning holiday spectacles, to keeping your nearest and dearest up to date, Craft really is tremendous for travel!

With travel firmly back on the agenda for many people this summer, we want to share some new travel stories and templates which promise to enhance your well-earned trip.

Craft Team Travel Tales

Our team are always finding amazing ways to use Craft.

We want to share the ways some of our team have been using Craft during their holidays. Firstly, we hear from Tom, our Community Manager, about how he built his own travel plan docs to help him discover the delights of Spain.

Next, we hear from Zsombor and how he created a holiday journal to save and share memories of a recent holiday in Bali with friends and family.

Tom's guide to doing more than tourists' to-dos

Tom is a passionate traveler, who has mostly focused his travel in Europe. He has journeyed extensively across the continent, with highlights being countries in south eastern Europe, North Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia.

"I really love the culture in these countries, they feel so different to the part of Europe I grew up in. I think they are under-appreciated from a travel perspective, when they offer lots of interesting things to discover. I am especially interested in Slavic history and culture and ended up living in Slovenia for a period of time."


For Tom when traveling it's important to really experience the country as a local and to understand what the country is like from their point of view.

Most recently, he has been focusing his travel in stunning Spain and shared how he used Craft to plan his trip to Granada, somewhere he wanted to visit to find out more about its fascinating Arabic history. Craft is especially useful for food and drink, as having a good list in advance means Tom can really experience the most authentic food Granada has to offer.


"We love to try local food and drink. I'm a big fan of coffee and craft beer so we always plan that in our docs."

Get some travel planning inspiration from Tom's Granada Travel Plan.

Zsombor's Eastern Escape

It's safe to say Asia is a hit with Zsombor, after spending 5 weeks traveling round Southeast Asia a few years ago, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

It was in Vietnam which really stole his heart;

"I felt once I had seen Ha Long Bay and Ninh Binh my life was complete, I wouldn't find anywhere more beautiful than these places. The culture of the Vietnamese people also matched the beauty of the country, they are so nice and really care about their community"


Zsombor doesn't like to plan too much when going on holiday.

"For me, I have a good idea of the activities and places I want to experience when I go somewhere, but I don't want to plan too much as I want to see what happens when I get there, go with the flow more than have a very clear itinerary."


This May, it was time for Zsombor to explore more of the corner of the world he loves. Next stop on this wish list was Bali, to experience as much of the country and culture as possible. Upon his return, he wanted to record all his memories while they were still fresh in his mind, so he spent a couple of hours creating a Holiday Journal to share with friends and family.

"I thought Craft was a great place to capture memories from my holiday, it really showcased the holiday the way I experienced it, my friends and family could really share the experience we had."


Get a taste of Zsombor's holiday in his Bali 2022 Holiday Journal.

Craft Community Spotlight

We love when our community share how you use Craft. Recently, Jeff Hamrick shared how one of his favourite uses of Craft is to plan and document his travels. He shared how he used Craft to plan a family get away to St Augustine a couple of years ago.

In his travel planning document, Jeff has been able capture all the information he needs in one place; reservation details, a packing list, an itinerary with links to attractions, confirmation emails, and other key things.

He even adds a few photos from his trip to develop his record of the trip from a planning doc, into a journal.


It's safe to say St Augustine is definitely on our travel wish list now. Thanks for sharing, Jeff!

If you want to share how you use Craft, we would love to hear from you. Join our wonderfully creative Craft Community to get involved in the conversation. 

5 Craft Templates for Travel

Have these travel stories inspired you to get that next trip booked? We have created some travel templates to make planning, capturing and sharing holiday memories even easier. Check out our new templates.

  1. Travel Wish list - Even if you can't make it happen right away, just planning and dreaming about your next trip is half the fun. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your next great adventure today with our travel wish list template!
  2. Travel Plans - Use this template to help take the stress out of traveling. Look forward to some refreshing time away, or to a successful work trip without distractions.
  3. Holiday Journal - If you love to explore and want to capture and share your experiences of traveling the world, then writing a travel journal is for you!
  4. Virtual Post Card - With Craft, there is no need to track down a stamp to post a post card, simply take out your mobile and craft the perfect virtual post card with this template.
  5. Travel blog - This travel blog template is a great way to share your photos and stories with friends and family, and it’s also perfect for building an audience of like-minded travelers.


How do you use your Craft? Let us know via our community, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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