Craft for HR and People Teams: how we do it

Craft enables you to create beautiful HR documents to share with your team. We reveal how we do it at Craft HQ.


Craft for HR and People Teams: how we do it

Craft empowers you to create beautiful Human Resources (HR) documents which are easily shareable with colleagues via a link.

That's exactly what our Head of People, Zsuzsi Ivanyi, and her team do at Craft. Together, they've created every document an HR team needs, including an employee handbook, company events documents – like for our recent team-building event at Lake Balaton in Hungary – as well as company policy documents, job descriptions and values statements.


Head of People @ Craft: Zsuzsi Ivanyi

So, what makes Craft perfect for creating, sharing and maintaining HR and People documents? Zsuzsi explains:

Craft is ideal for creating HR documents for three reasons. Firstly, it allows me to organize everything very clearly and easily. There's a lot of information which employees need access to, so having an easy way to find and consume that information is really important.

Secondly, it enables me to make my documents beautiful, so more people actually want to read the documents I create. HR documents can sometimes be quite dry, but we get a lot of engagement with ours because Craft allows us to create good-looking documents that are more special, more personalized and more fun than your average HR blurb.

And thirdly, our documents can be easily shared with the rest of the company in a single click, like a wiki or company intranet. So, I can set up and keep track of my processes, thoughts, initiatives, and can organize everything for HR in a beautiful way.

Craft for business offers a low-cost way to set up and maintain your HR docs, which is super useful if you are a small to medium-sized company creating your first set of company policy documents.

Let's take a look at some of the HR templates you can use to create beautiful documents for your team with Craft.

Employee Handbook


Our employee handbook is a very useful document, but it has a lot of information. Craft's nested 'page within a page' functionality, allows us to organize all the different sections of our handbook into a single, easy-to-navigate (and visually compelling) document.

I can instantly share our employee handbook with the company, and updates are really quick and easy to make. Because of the linking functionality of Craft, it's simple for people to navigate from section to section and find the information they need, rather than having to read a long, boring manual cover to cover.

Get our free company handbook template here.

Event Plan


Whenever we have a company event, we create a Craft event plan document for it. This ensures everyone knows all the important information, such as the date of the event, the schedule, what to bring, and what to prepare.

Having all the event information in one, easily accessible place saves me a lot of time in not having to answer the same questions, and helps our company events run smoothly. I also like that the event plans look really nice; it helps get people excited about the event.

Get our free event plan template here.

30, 60, 90-Day Plan


We like to get new employees up and running at soon as possible, so one of the first jobs for our joiners is creating their three-month plan.

Craft works perfectly for a 30, 60, 90-Day Plan because the layout enables a high-level overview, which you can dive into for more detail by adding embedded pages or notes. This makes it really easy to communicate your plan and to share it with others.

Get our free 30, 60, 90-Day Plan Template here.

Want to try using Craft for your HR docs? Browse our full suite of free templates available on Craft here.

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